My Fynbos piece was selected to be included in the iJusi Portfolio #2, which followed from the success of Portfolio #1. Curated by Garth Walker and Gavin Rooke, this second portfolio is a considered blend of local and international talent, which explores concepts surrounding lettering and typography that are integral to the image in the context of the 'African Experience'. I created this artwork using actual fynbos leaves and flowers, and photographed it.


Fynbos only grows in a specific coastal belt stretching from the west coast to the south-east coast of South Africa. It makes up 80% of the Cape Floral Kingdom, a world of finely branched plants exquisitely adapted to flourish in poor soils and wildly varying rainfall. The Cape Peninsula alone has 2,285 species on an area a third the size of greater London. It has three times more plant species per square kilometre than lush rainforests. For this, it was declared one of the world's 34 biodiversity 'hot spots', and in 2004, was confirmed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

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All artwork copyright © Warwick Kay